Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My clone

There's a girl taking Hebrew at Stuyvesant who, it seems, looks exactly like me, or at least exactly how I looked at that age.

I guess it's not that strange--I went to Stuyvesant, and am also of the Hebrew-taking persuasion--but when I saw this picture, I did a double-take: When was this picture taken of me? I didn't take Hebrew in high school, to the best of my knowledge. If this resemblance isn't as striking as I think (and for this I defer to WWPD? readers who knew me in high school) by all means let me know.


Anonymous said...

Someone hot for an Intel must have cloned you while you were busy eating a muffin.

Will Murray said...

I don’t think I saw you ever wear anything which resembled that, so its not a photo of you that’s been mislabeled. The physical features look remarkably like you but the hands are clearly in the process of making a hand gesture unlike one you would use. I suspect that in person you two would look less alike than in this photo due to body language differences but the still shot removes those.