Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Quiet on the set

You know how TV shows are often set in NYC but actually shot elsewhere? Well, that's my theory about the RNC. So far this week I haven't seen any Republicans (or at least any wearing pro-Bush, pro-GOP paraphernalia--have seen some preppy types, but even Kerry's kinda preppy), and from what I can tell from watching the convention on TV, they used what appears to be a fake backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. To be fair, I have been avoiding the area around Madison Square Garden, so it could just be that the Republicans aren't making it uptown. Yeah, guess that's it...

In other news...just saw part of a Daily Show from the Democratic Convention. "Internet bloggers" were interviewed and referred to as "nerds." One of the female fake-newscasters put her hand on the shoulder of a nerdy man on a computer and asked if it was "wierd" for him. He said no. Good man!


Anonymous said...

Republicans in typical Red State clothing taking to the streets of the Upper West Side with their Bush/Cheney buttons?
About as likely as female U.S. embassy employees traipsing around Riyadh, in bikinis, with yarmulkes on.
The attire of the latter group would, at least, be better suited to the undertaking of running for their lives.

South Yarra Steve said...

Just a comment on the chick that said that 'bloggers were wierd'. What a dumb comment to make. I did not see the interview but I am sure she has breast implants, had a facelift, rhinoplasty, sessions of liposuction, and other types of cosmetic and plastic surgery, botox and colagen injections, waxes, plucks, colours and layers.... and she calls us 'wierd'... hmmmm no other comment... have a good one ... Steve X