Monday, August 02, 2004

Red Hairdye Alert

So far so good, nothing seems to have exploded today.

Onto a more serious dilemma:

The problem with having very dark hair and very pale skin is that an attempt (the third this summer) to dye my hair red has resulted in pink hands and...very dark, but definitively reddish, hair. My dream of looking like Shirley Manson goes unfufilled yet again.


Anonymous said...

Phoebe: As a "hair color" virgin myself, I don't understand why you want to change the color of your hair -- a very nice chestnut brown as I recall. Maybe your pink hands are a sign to keep it real, and natural. Aside from that gratuitous grooming advice, I really like your blog. I'm impressed by your writing and wide-range of topics. -- Joanne M.

Will Murray said...

better dead then not red.