Saturday, August 07, 2004

Low-carb Mojitos--beware of aftertaste

Having recently turned 21 I feel that I ought to take some interest in the NY nightlife scene. Reading up on new places to check out, I discovered that there are now low-carb cocktails. "NY Metro" (NY magazine online) reports:

"Good news for the carb-starved masses on Atkins and South Beach: Trump's ritzy World Bar has introduced low-carb cocktails ($12). The drink recipes aren't complicated—use a sugar substitute instead of the real thing (or mix it with water to make a low-carb simple syrup in the case of the mojito). Though the after-taste of the low-carb concoctions is reminiscent of Crystal Light, while you're drinking they taste like the real thing. In a not-so-scientific test (our eyes were closed, we swear), we could barely tell the difference."

Do people who order $12 low-carb cocktails do so out of some desire to be parodied five to ten years later as a relic of a moment in time when $12 cocktails and low-carb everything ruled the city? These drinks already sound a little silly, but will only sound sillier when everyone decides to cut, say, protein, and the city's a dump again and everyone's just drinking normal-carb liquor on streetcorners.


Dylan said...

It's no dumber than Subway's "Atkins friendly" cookies. Frankly, I'd prefer it if Manhattan socialites rather than chubby rubes are getting ripped off.

Phoebe said...

Atkins in general strikes me as an awful idea, regardless of what one overpays, or doesn't, in order to follow it.

Phoebe said...

And Manhattan socialites (or at least Manhattanites--the socialites might object if I included myself among them) are already getting ripped off. I recently caught myself spending $4 on an iced cappuccino, which somehow seems vastly worse than the usual $3.25.

Dylan said...

I spend precisely $4.06 a couple of times a week on "mocha freezes" at my local Borders. I have a bizarre frozen drink fixation. Icees, shakes, whatever. But not margarits, for some reason.

I briefly tried Atkins, but I just can't find a way to eat lunch a lunch without carbs unless I'm at home. I won't be one of those people who throws away the bun and eats the meat. See also Tom Smith of the Right Coast's recent bitching about Atkins. Funny and true.