Thursday, August 26, 2004

Breaking news: The GOP knows about sample sales.

Myrna Blyth, at the National Review Online:

"Now I am not saying New Yorkers are perfect. Far from that. Yes, I admit, we can get a tad aggressive at a sample sale. And we can be a bit outspoken when someone else is trying to hail the same cab as the one we want. But I am sure all delegates will get a big New York welcome from those few New Yorkers, who are not leaving town next week. Just some final words of advice: Please, don't order pastrami on white bread. Girls, pack whatever you want, just make sure it is in black. And when you talk politics, to be on the safe side, only do it with someone who is wearing a button that says 'Bush-Cheney '04.'"

Hmm, wonder if the Barneys Warehouse Sale will still be going on during the RNC. If so, expect some men with "Bush-Cheney '04" buttons to appear among the usual crowd of leering, drooling men watching women try on the clothes.


Anonymous said...

I think people are going to be surprised to realize that not all Republicans are dorks.


Phoebe said...

"M.S." makes a fine point.