Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Seems asserting that grad students often look down on undergrads is a touchy subject, somewhat like, say, announcing that men are innately better than women at math. To end this once and for all (or, realistically, for now):

I don't think all the grad students think all the undergrads are dippy.

Some undergrads do find some grad students sketchy.

Some undergrads and some grad students are dippy, and some of both groups are also sketchy.

All preconceived notions fall to bits when the undergrad/grad in question finds a member of the other cohort attractive/interesting/intelligent.

Mostly, though, we're all here because we want to be here, which includes liking the people around us, regardless of status at the University. Chicago is a cool place, we're all intense, intellectual, what have you, whether in Sevens, pajamas, or, in my particular case today, impractically high-heeled boots. I like it here, and, when deciding where to go to college, found Chicago to be as undippy and unsketchy as it gets, and have not been proven wrong.

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