Saturday, January 22, 2005

winter wonderland...

I ventured to Starbucks today for my daily dose of Venti Chai Latte. When I got into the shower, it was bright and sunny. When I ventured out, it was snowing again, and as I approached, a Starbucks employee was de-snowing the sidewalk.

I sat down in my hoodie, enjoying the atmosphere without forcing myself to write or lug a computer and a big reference book along. I sat in the comfy chair and watched the sun emerge.

And then, I watched as within 20 minutes, the church across the street disappeared, and a half-inch of snow was deposited. Another Starbucks employee swept the sidewalk.

The sun poked its head again. I sad and read, immersed in Bill Bryson's tales of England as another half-inch of snow suddenly appeared. And a third Starbucks employee emerged, this time salting the sidewalk to within an inch of its life.

Still I tarried, not only reading but also eyeing the cute guy sitting across from me. The sun poked its head. And a Starbucks employee prevented a couple from continuing their makeout session.

And, the snow reappeared, claiming a temporary victory for white in its battle with brown for the color of Chicago's streets, a car got stuck in snow on the corner of 55th and Woodlawn, and I trudged the one-block distance home. As I left, with a frozen pizza and an over-heated apartment waiting for me, another Starbucks employee was sweeping the sidewalk yet again.

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