Monday, January 24, 2005

I hate to say it, Andrew, but...

...I told you so. And in this case, I really do wish I were wrong.

Andrew Sullivan says that if the gays play nice and don't push for rights in the next few years, then everyone will eventually "see the light" about what good people gays are. He even went so far as to say that upholding the Defense of Marriage Act (which prohibits marriage at a federal level from being extended to homosexuals) was a good thing.

But, proving that no matter how nicely gays play politics, (or interior decorate), they still hate us, Senators are again pushing for a Federal Marriage Amendement, says AP/Yahoo! News:

Senate supporters of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage said Monday they intend to press for passage in the new Congress, brushing aside mixed signals from the White House on the issue's importance at the start of President Bush's second term.

"Who's to say whether we have enough votes or not," said Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., noting that the new two-year Congress has just begun.

He said he expects GOP leaders to call for a vote before the 2006 elections and added, "I think it would be foolhardy to back off when we've got a good head of steam coming out of the election."

The article further discusses some uncertainty that the Dems may actually move to block the bill. Not that I would blame them. In any case, it's a nice way to start out the week. I think I'll go drown my political disenfranchisement sorrows in some Tazo Chai Latte...


Anonymous said...

I've actually heard conservatives say something to the effect of "If gays had have shut up about marriage we would have given them civil unions but now they are getting neither"

Maureen said...

I'm guessing that if every legislature in the states and on the federal level stayed silent on gay marriage, either pro or con, we'd have a Supreme Court ruling overturning DOMA via the judicial precedent of Loving v. Virginia within twenty years. It's a simple measure of demographics--once voter approval of gay marriage hits 55% (which it will, and there's nothing James Dobson can do about it), the Supreme Court will follow the culture's lead. So the Republicans are trying to block culture by passing a Constitutional Amendment--or at least are doing the motions. And Sullivan is being deliberately obtuse.