Tuesday, January 25, 2005

two cents on...

The Inauguration Speech:

The reason we heard all fluff and no substance (and no social conservatism) is because he can do all that in the State of the Union on Feb. 2nd. Watch for it...

Andrew Sullivan:

"The Academy" doesn't deserve your kudos for ignoring Fahrenheit 9/11. It was released on DVD and thus excluded from consideration. Andrew, you're killing me here.

The snow melting:

Icicles! Dangerous, but the part of me that hails from the South says, yay!


Who knew Dave Barry had a blog!? In other news, I really like Eric Zorn's blog at the Chicago Tribune, not only because he linked to me once, but beause he's smart and interesting.


Instant respectability, yours at H&M for an undisclosed sum. We paid too much perhaps, but it lets us get away with wearing racy shirts and creates unspeakable irony. Just leave the tweed behind, folks. That's been done.


The staple of all girl-drink drunks. The Times weighs in, and the result is a surprise to this snob.


It's bad enough that my six-month-old computer is completely dead, but don't insult me by sending a cheap version of the hard drive I just paid for.


I should be working. Also, I'm not Phoebe, so don't confuse us.


Not just a blog...also, instant procrastination! Even more so when we start to work on our (hushed silence) new redesign in a couple of weeks (drowning acclaim).

That's all, folks.

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