Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I've already wimped out on boycott #2--a morning class in Cobb makes a stop for coffee at the Divinity School coffeeshop pretty much a given,* though, to be fair, the bad odors don't really become an issue until the new lunch food arrives--and I noticed a second sign, joining the old sign that tells customers not to take too many paper napkins. The new sign explains that your life will still be a mess even if you take a lot of napkins. Will this convince wasteful U of Cers to take only as many napkins as we need, or will it simply cause us to immediately think of whatever aspect of our lives is currently stressing us out? Seeing the sign immediately reminded me of my half-written, half-memorized to-do list, formed at the beginning of the quarter but still marinating, like ten-day-old Pad See Eww in the Div School fridge.* (I should add that I have no recollection whatsoever of whether or not I took any napkins.)

*I do not know for a fact that the Thai food in the fridge there is ten days old, though I'll admit that I was a bit put off last quarter by a less-than-enthusiastic Health Department report near the entrance to the coffeeshop. Clearly not too put off to return many, many times, but put off, all the same.

**Yes, Cobb also has a (basement, ick) coffeeshop. Why not just go there? Two reasons: It's a bit too hipster for my tastes (read: I am intimidated) and their coffee isn't as good (read: I am a coffee snob, even when it comes to rushed weekday breakfast). Yeah, fine, it's mostly the first reason. That said, the confession officially comes to an end.


Jennifer said...

i wish i had the courage to join your co-op boycott. starving, no, just hungry, for dinner this evening, i was very excited about a can of chili i'd purchased at said grocery store this weekend. only to find out that it said use by january 04!


yep. sad day.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Hi Jenn,

Indeed, the Co-op blows. If only I had time to go to Whole Foods this week. But I really don't, and I need groceries, so I'll probably be breaking the boycott very soon.