Thursday, January 27, 2005

Extreme Makeover

The rumors are true: WWPD will be getting a makeover. (P, on the other hand, is happy with her recent haircut and sees the need for no further overhaul at the moment.) Design- and computer-savvy co-blogger Nick will be behind the changes. What will the new WWPD mean? The following:

The blogroll will be organized, and blogs I've been meaning to add will be added. Blogs that do not update or are MIA will probably stay,because you never know.

The layout will be prettier. Not being Nick, I have no idea how this will be achieved, but I'm thinking pictures, I'm thinking shiny things, I'm thinking dachshunds...

It will be clear who's posting. For now, here's a guide: references to an iPod come from Nick. References to a cute puppy Westie come from Molly. References to attractive men come, in theory, from any of us.

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