Tuesday, November 23, 2004


How did they have the time to do all this? What were they not doing? Sleeping? Watching t.v.? Drinking? Staring at walls in their bedrooms for hours on end? I know one of the U of C's newest Rhodes Scholars, Andy Kim, and he's always seemed like a really cool guy, not just cool as in a nice person, but cool as in hip. Sort of depressing that a person could be that successful, that impressive, and yet not even come across as geeky.

Reading the descriptions of what the latest Rhodes Scholars have accomplished in their 20-odd years forces the reader of about the same age to evaluate what he or she has accomplished in his or her own. This impulse ought to be avoided, or at least I plan on avoiding it, at least until I finish this physical sciences lab.

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Alex B. said...

Tarcov also noted that Kim was distinctive among students for “the astonishingly wide range of activities that he dedicates himself to, whether it’s playing or composing for the cello, striving to improve the conditions of homeless people and prostitutes, baking bagels, cattle ranching, or academic studies.”Bagels can take you all the way to Oxford.