Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Thoughts: scones and buffalo wings

It sure sounds like fun across that Atlantic, at British blogger Oliver Kamm's house:

I can only say that the small corner of liberal Britain that is the Kamm household is as unflappable and cheery as ever.

Mmm...I bet they eat scones. You can actually things that look like this in the supermarkets over there. I really miss London!

On a far more trivial level, I can only imagine what Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Noam Chomsky and a clutch of British Tory grandees must be feeling now. And it makes me feel very good indeed.

Thanks to Kamm for reminding me that no matter how much the choices that we made in the voting booth divide the people of this country, I think it's just about as much as our love-hate relationship with celebrities unites us ( I think this hold true for England too, they are much worse about these things than us). What I mean to say is: Jessica Simpson (we all know she's a Republican) v. Hillary in 2008?

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