Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bagel blogging

Yay! Posted by Hello

For the curious, this is the reason I trek* out to Fox and Obel: an almost New York bagel.

*I believe any trip made for the purposes of procuring a New York-style bagel, or really any bagel, for that matter, is technically a "shlep."


Alex B. said...

Thank you.

The bagel is pretty big, isn't it? It is much bigger than your regular Montreal bagel.

Anonymous said...

I second Maltz's opinion that the Fox and Obel bagel is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Though bagels can be purchased in Central Florida, they are not New York bagels by any stretch. A friend and I were amused by the comment of a waitress in a chain eatery (it was more convenient that one of our "okay" bagel shops which at least have varieties like poppy, sesame, salt, etc.) Asked if they had bagels, she said yes, but only "plain" ones: "We don't have flavored bagels." "Flavored?" --JM