Thursday, November 11, 2004

Coq au ugh

I followed the link from Crescat over to this dish, suggested by busty British chef Nigella Lawson. The photo in the Times of "coq au riesling" so resembles vomit (Kate concurs: "It looks like somebody threw up mushrooms") that I fail to see what Will Baude is getting at when he says, "Both [coq au riesling] recipes look good." I suppose that they might, by some stretch of the imagination, taste good, but my inner three-year-old (or is it my familiarity with dining hall cuisine?) prevents me from eating foods with such a striking resemblance to the, err, pre-eaten. Will notes, however, that, "if I had a bottle of Riesling and some chicken sitting around, I doubt I could do anything other than roast the latter while drinking the former." I'm a bit disturbed by the idea of anyone having a chicken "sitting around," but I agree with him that wine and roast chicken, drunk and eaten respectively, are a better bet than the dish suggested by Nigella Lawson, which would, in turn, be only slightly better than roasting the former while drinking the latter.


Anonymous said...

Why does the French Toast look so much like the chicken? Does Crescat get into this?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

As someone who barely likes chicken under the best of circumstances, I'd stay away from that French toast. And no, I don't think Crescat has the answer to that one.