Sunday, November 14, 2004

A free society means freedom for the bold and the meek

On the other end of the sexual adventurous spectrum from the Rachel Bussels of the world...there's a discussion going on over at the Class Maledictorian, Crescat, and some other blogs about whether a guy ought to kiss a girl on the first date, assuming he wishes to convey romantic interest.

This discussion brings us back to a book discussed (and dissed) by Molly here on this blog, namely He's Just Not That Into You: "Maybe he's shy" is what female friends tell one another re: guys who are obviously not interested. However, this blog being a fair and balanced source of procrastination, I should add that sometimes a guy really is shy, and his failure to act interested is not due to a lack of interest.

What this all adds up to, though, is that the oh-so-complex rules of heterosexual dating etiquette are, if not obsolete, pretty much up for debate, and quickly evolving. So, while Will and Amber disagree over whether or not a first date means a kiss, Rachel Bussel's straight female friends are doing all sorts of things not covered by Miss Manners. This is how things should be: a free society is one in which bisexual women who are convinced that there are no straight women can happily coexist with straight folks who won't kiss someone till they're good and ready.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder (seemingly needed in our "rush to label every person and every interest" culture) that people are individuals first, before we place them into a group/ category (or more than one)for our convenience and/or delight. --JM

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