Tuesday, November 02, 2004

College students boring, don't want to have sex

Spencer Willing at the CNN "Campus Vibe Blog" says of the UPenn students, "They may have made history today. They may have registered and voted in unprecedented numbers. But now they have papers to write."

It turns out that even for those who don't have papers to write, there isn't much going on. a votergasm" party, for example, is scheduled to start shortly in the Quad, one of Penn's largest dorm complexes (for the uninitiated, these are meet-ups encouraged by the web site votergasm.com, whose participants have ostensibly taken the "votergasm pledge" either to have sex with voters or to deny sex to non-voters). Though this get together most recently seemed to consist solely of a few guys playing poker in front of a television in one of the dorm lounges, a scene not entirely out of the ordinary.

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