Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Resolutions broken

My new semester's resolutions will have to be of the starting... now! variety. Because:

1) I have yet to buy binders. Or, say, hang up my coat.

2) But I did purchase an amazing, mod/1940s/fake-Chanel-looking sweater-dress at Uniqlo. No photo online, but if I wear it and someone (paparazzo? fellow grad student?) takes a picture, I will post it, because the dress is fantastic.

3) There was a primary in Michigan. This much I know, but not much more. A few moments in the US History section at Housing Works nearly put me to sleep, probably due to an unshakable association of American history with high school or, worse, middle school history class. Back to the French-Jewish studies.

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Withywindle said...

The solution is simple: read Elie Halevy, Alexis de Tocqueville, Raymond Aron, (in the original French, d'accord,) pretend that you are studying French historians, and wake up to learn that you know all about Anglo-America. Also, meditate on Detroit, Cadillac, Chevrolet, etc. as artifacts of the French past, and images of French officers and Jesuits will swim into mind every time you see a car go by, listen to Motown, hear Mitt Romney say Golly, etc.; it will be Proustian.