Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beautiful men

Via Reihan, here's a wonderful article by Min Katrina Lieskovsky in Elle telling women how to date male models. I sympathize with this concern. It's great to see a women's magazine drop the focus on women primping to impress men for one minute in favor of sitting back and letting the men trade carbs for the gym for us. I have long advocated a feminism of more, not less, beauty all around, and am glad to see this catching on. Women care about men's looks, and it's time these concerns come out in the open. Obviously in the real world, for men and women alike, this does not always mean appreciating the model aesthetic (luckily, says she who is 5'2"). The ideal is not a rise in cosmetic surgery and eating disorders for both sexes, but rather an awareness on the part of men that a little attention to detail doesn't hurt, that we're looking right back at you when you look at us.

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