Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Position is unpaid"

Most of the part-time jobs on the list from my department require either being a native French speaker or having experience babysitting. I grew up in NYC, to American parents (no luck on point #1) as an only child in a building occupied mostly by the over-70 (so much for point #2). My superglam non-academic job experiences are more in the filing/shelving/cappuccino-frothing realm, and none of these had much to do with the French major (except for the shelving; I am amazing with call numbers). So imagine my delight when an email came in about a position as a literature blogger. I already read literature and make bloggings! Before I could assess whether I'm even looking for a part-time job to begin with, I reached the bottom of the job posting: "Position is unpaid." I guess the folks behind this blog anticipated potential candidates would react as I did, since it seems the email really got around, well beyond the world of humanities grad students: here it is on Gawker.

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