Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vote for WWPD! Please?

So WWPD has been nominated (not, I should note, by myself or by one of my co-bloggers) in the category of "best humor blog." I really don't understand how this voting works, technically, but for those with more patience than I, please vote for this blog. If you do, then that might just lead to a hipster t-shirt empire, which, it seems, is where all young Jewish blog-projects must lead.

I will also take suggestions for t-shirts, on the off-chance that this happens. There's already Sam's idea, "I'm Shomer Negiah, Beeatch." I've always been partial to the far less clever, "I'm Not A Princess, I'm The Queen," perhaps with Elizabeth I's image in puff-paint somehow involved.

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petey said...

This is a humor blog?