Friday, December 30, 2005

Latkes and UChicago (but no hamentashen)

Latkes are a remarkable food. Thanks to my mother's deliciously farfel-patty-like latkes, I ate somewhere in the Ariel Sharon range of latke portion (though I understand he's more a fan of protein than of starch) this evening, and a miracle most certainly happened here. I consumed not one but two drinks and did not feel even the least bit intoxicated. OK, maybe a tiny bit, but far less than I normally would. Is it the potato (a staple in Irish and Eastern European cuisine) or the matzo meal-and-egg paste which holds the thing together? I'm going to have to go with both.

Somewhat less miraculous, but still potentially neat, it seems there's a new UChicago publication, "The Midway Review." What niche, I wonder, does this publication fill? Has "Criterion" finally kicked the bucket? Or is this more of a "Free Press"-"Criterion" mix? What about the "Chicago Scholarly Review"? "Chicago Literary Review"? Whatever happened to the "Chicago Quill"? According to Sam, there was some "Criterion" precursor called "Midway" something or other, which may well be what this is. Anyone with information, comment away.


Russell said...

Presumably, regarding the drinking and latkes, you've read this?

Phoebe said...

No, I hadn't, but it sounds scientifically sound to me.

Anonymous said...

Your mother would like the world to know that she did not serve you the drinks, only the sponges.

Posted by Phoebe's Mother

Anonymous said...

Well, very nice Japanese men served the drinks. But I appreciate, second-hand, the sponges.