Monday, May 05, 2008


I was hoping this article might clear things up, but since it didn't, I'm going to have to ask: since when did teen idols (the girls, at least) need to be Christian in order to be successful? I don't mean Christian in the sense in which New York Jews generally use the term, i.e. to mean a person who is not a Jew, but rather a person who goes to church (Protestant is implied) and believes in Christ. Whenever Britney or the latest one, Miley, does something scandalous, the scandal is not that this is a child but that it's a Christian child we're talking about, from a Christian family. Is this about appealing to a wide audience in a predominately Christian country, made up of parents who would only buy stuff for their kids if the stuff is Jesus-approved? Or is it more that the term "Christian" adds something to these girls' (initially) virginal images, so that when these images shatter, it's all the more shocking, and thus titillating, to audiences of all religious persuasions?

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