Monday, May 05, 2008


Sarah Jessica Parker, the woman many hold responsible for all that is irritating about New York City today, will get a lot of flak for lamenting the "new," mall-like Manhattan. And rightly so.

And, from the are-Jews-white? department: Emily Nussbaum, in her New York Magazine profile of SJP, notes that both the actress and her husband are "half-Jewish," the other half being...? White, presumably, since it's not worth noting. We later learn "That Sarah Jessica was, despite her newcomer status, a very New York type: the ethnic girl nerd with crazy hair, a schnoz, big eighties glasses." As anyone who's ever dared to leave New York knows, "a very New York type" is code for "a humongous Jew."

It seems we are to believe that SJP's... unconventional beauty is the result of her Semitic blood. So, for the record: the look that the less polite among commentators have deemed "horse-faced" is not an "ethnic" look. There are women who look like this of all backgrounds. I'm sure you could go to tiny villages in Asia, Europe, and Africa and find at least one woman in each who has such features.


Withywindle said...

Horse-faced, I thought, was associated with New England WASPs.

Phoebe said...

The equine look knows no borders. But the type you mention is most often seen near horses, so the comparison comes to mind more than it would for women in a relatively horse-free culture.

schmaltzLover said...

"Horse-faced" usually means someone like Camilla Parker-Bowles -- a British aristocratic type.

Anonymous said...

We all look like animals.

Bush is simian (as is David Gregory). Karl Rove is porcine.

Some of us are canine.

It's a small world.

Anonymous said...

Christie Whitman was sometimes called horse-faced when first running for Governor.

The current Gov of NJ - Corzine - was just called an ass when he ran Goldman Sachs.

thought wins said...

lol, "ethnic." as a non-humanities college student in the biodome of academia, "ethnic" seems to be synonymous with "college graduate" (not to mention "attractive")