Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey there Upper East Siders

The blog of frequent Gawker target* Emily Brill is kind of amazing. It is the day-to-day life of a 'real Upper East Sider' precisely as one would imagine such a life after watching 'Gossip Girl' from one's home in Papua New Guinea. Which is to say, it seems this young woman has created herself in the image of what by all accounts she actually is, assuming she went to the schools she mentioned and so forth. The point of this post? I find it baffling. Why would someone actually of this world make a site dedicated to glorifying it? No one who actually grows up in Manhattan announces, 'Now I'm going to get my nails done on the posh and fabulous Madison Avenue,' just as no one living in the suburbs would say, 'Now I'm hitting the shops at the extremely important mall in the next town.' Which is to say, this world, like every other, seems normal to those living in it. It is strange for someone living on the Upper East Side not to go to restaurants and boutiques on the Upper East Side. If Brill were anything like the person she's claiming to be, her blog would not say, oh, look at my glamorous life, going to the Hamptons and all the hot clubs, but would from time to time express sympathy for the peons forced to, say, shop at Old Navy or attend public school. For the super-rich, they're the middle class (or, if pressed, upper-middle) and it's everyone else who's poor.

*A useless way to identify someone, I realize. By 2025 everyone, famous or not, who has so much as visited New York will have been thoroughly mocked by that site.


Stuy 86 said...

Whoa nellie,

You seem not to like Emily Brill.

--what's up with that?

--don't you think that the painfully shallow should have the opportunity to embarrass themselves in print?

Phoebe said...

I don't know her, so I neither like nor dislike her. I found her blog a bit strange, since I couldn't figure out why someone from the Upper East Side would write a blog enthusing about the area.