Thursday, October 06, 2011

On not needing glasses

Last night, I went with my husband and some of the other astrophysicists to go look at the stars with a telescope. We looked at the moon, at Jupiter, and at more that I'm not remembering. Great fun! As long as I don't have to calculate anything, I'm all in favor of astronomy. 

As we were about to go back, I pointed at some stars and announced that they seemed important. I'd located this, with my naked eye. Indicative not of any scientific skillz beyond a sense of what "important" might look like in this context, but of noteworthy eyesight. The others could only see it with a telescope. 

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Anonymous said...

I took an Astrophysics course at Princeton before I realized how much calculation there would be. The best part was looking through the observatory telescope and seeing Saturn and its rings. Like a jewel. JM