Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bisou grows up

It's been a busy time for Bisou. She got the last of her vaccines (till boosters, that is), tried lox for the first time, checked up on her application to a nearby college, and marched back and forth on and around Nassau St. on her hind legs. She got a bed, which she most of the time, contrary to all our expectations, treats as a bed, not a giant chew toy. She got serenaded in Russian by a woman in a kerchief walking a very sweet Yorkie. Good times for Bisou, that's for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Bisou is beautiful and has so many different "looks." At times, her hairstyle seems to channel Albert Einstein, which makes sense re: IAS. Sometimes she looks tiny; other times medium. Fun to see her on the paths that I often walked as an undergrad. If they ever admit canines to Princeton, Bisou will be at the top of her class. JM