Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween weekend recap

-I got my official credentials as a feminist: a link from a post at Feministe, which is evidently a big deal.

-Jo and I had a lovely dinner with friends of ours here, a rare night not spent chasing Bisou around the living room.

-But we did not attend the intriguing-sounding astrophysicist Halloween party, on account of a snowstorm that made it impossible to bike out of the driveway, let alone to the far end of town. I'm not entirely sure where Saturday went. I think I slept through much of it. Of course this would happen, that the first year of my life I'm spending in a place where you need a car, before I've even had a chance to get a new learner's permit, weather is such that as early as October, the bike's as good as useless. 

-Waahmbulence averted, it got slightly warmer on Sunday. Biking conditions having improved, yesterday we had a truly excellent meal here. Pea shoots and a noodle soup with bean curd puffs, one of those "vegetarian" meals where you can kind of taste that all the flavors are coming from not-so-vegetarian origins, so good thing I don't claim to be a vegetarian. (Nor, for that matter, did the menu claim these dishes were anything of the kind.) It was all so very, very delicious, and I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact that it was freezing out and we'd biked far to get there.

-I made croissants, except that they were more like brioches in croissant-ish form, using this as a rough guide. Not the recipe's fault - I thought I could improvise. With recipes like this, you can't. Then last night I had a nightmare of sorts, that I was in Paris for a few hours and unable to find Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur.

 -I cleaned out (am at this very moment on Monday morning cleaning out) my wallet. There seems to be a theme: coffee loyalty-stamp cards, library cards, Paris bus tickets (sniff sniff), things that have long since expired. (Theme being, I am an ancient graduate student.) Am dividing into piles: irrelevant b/c Europe, irrelevant-ish b/c New York, relevant b/c NJ- or Bisou-related. Mystified by a bus transfer from 1994, not that it's not my bus transfer (I remember 1994) but I got this wallet in New Brooklyn during my Recent College Grad years, so that's two reasons 1994 doesn't add up. Maybe I can laminate it and wear it as a brooch ironically and 1990s-style. Tavi, can you hear me?

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