Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In my shoes

Male (sorry, sports-loving) readers, look away, because I have something important to say about my shoes. Not long ago, I got a pair of black patent leather ballet flats at a house of haute couture known as Banana Republic. I didn't exactly buy them so as to stand out in a crowd, but that said, I was startled today when I saw approximately ten different women, throughout lower Manhattan, wearing... black patent leather ballet flats. None quite the same as mine, but all incredibly close variants. I guess this is the look these days. I must have realized this subconsciously when I first decided this was what I was looking for. That or I started a citywide if not worldwide trend. Wonder which it was...

Leaving aside the particular question of black patent leather, let us address the more general one, which is the ballet flat. When I wore a narrow jean-ballet flat combo in Chicago (well, on the days that did not demand snow boots), I was, I thought, unique. It turns out that this was, all along, the equivalent of wearing pleated jeans and white sneakers in NYC, i.e. a big flashing sign, 'she's not from around here.' What I thought of as my look is simply how women in New York dress.


While on the all-important subject of accessories, what does everyone (anyone?) think of this bag in black? I think it would be perfect for carrying the sort of stuff I carry around.


Withywindle said...

But do women in Park Slope dress this way? On which avenue? Fine discrimination is everything.

Anonymous said...

New York happens to be a fly trap of sorts for a Certain Kind of Person. While in Chicago my grey cap herringbone top-coat was distinguishing, I found (walking along the park on the West Side) that in New York it is a sort of uniform for 20-something academic types (athough that last part is speculation). That's just New York.

ck said...

Geeze. Better black than olive, that's for sure. As for starting a trend re. the black patent ballet slippers... yes. You did indeed start the trend. Far be it from me to let you in on the inside details of of the fashion biz where creativity and commerce commingle in a way that would make one cry. In keeping with the alliterative nature of that last sentence, the key word here is "copy." But do not worry. In about a year or so, your patent leather ballet flats will become a common sight in Chicago. And Kansas City. You will no doubt have moved on to something else. For springtime, I'm thinking these babies from Anne Klein. Oui? Non?

ck said...

Speaking of Francophilia and shoes, what to make of this Sarko-inspired trend?

"Manolo says, the recent appearance in England of the tiny little president of France, M. Sarkozy, has started the mania for the high heels shoes for the mens."

The Manolo, he is not liking this apparently:

"Trust the Manolo, the mythical man of business who wishes to “up his game” by wearing the stacked heel shoes, will indeed not only look taller, but also ridiculous. Few things indicate male insecurity as forcefully and as humorously as tacky elevator shoes. One might as well resort to the Ron Popeil hair-in-the-can as the cure for baldness as stacked heels as the cure for shortness.

Worst of all, the head of state who wears the platform shoes risks unflattering comparison to this shorty tyrant."

I love Manolo like a fat kid loves cake.