Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Magical realism

OK, so I did catch the season premiere of Gossip Girl, but the first half was while I cooked dinner and the second was while I ate. So it's not as if I could have been doing something respectable or productive during this time. (/defensiveness)

So, the usual: what didn't make sense this time around?

1) Who drinks their morning orange juice in wine glasses? The Van Der Woodsen-Basses, that's who!

2) If Chuck smokes weed in Serena's bathroom when she wants to shower and leaves bodily fluids on her bathroom towels, why, at the end of the episode, are we supposed to believe he's actually not a bad guy, since it turns out that he was not in fact responsible for some pranks destined for Serena later that day? Isn't he still 'bad' enough to be kept away from the Van Der Woodsen household?

3) Relatedly, much was made of the fact that Serena had not washed her hair for what, a day? Are you even supposed to wash your hair every day? Regardless, her 'unwashed' hair looked exactly like her 'washed' hair in all the other episodes.

4) Wasn't suicidal little brother Eric supposed to be gay for this season of GG? Do we really need an episode of his 'brotherly' affection for Chuck to prepare us for the inevitable?

5) OK, change of route: here's what was entirely convincing: Jenny's experience of the private-school shopping scene. What seems exaggerated I'm afraid to say was spot-on.


ck said...

There ARE, or at least were Jews in the otherwise judenrein GG version on the UES. Serena was updating Blair on the gossip and noted that someone's (Cotty?) "...Dad moved her entire family back to Israel." So were these Israelis? Zionists? On Gossip Girl? And now that they've returned to Zion, does that mean ALL the Jews are gone? Stay tuned...

Phoebe said...

That remark came while I was cooking, so I half missed it. But I was there for Lily Van Der Woodsen's derisive remark about a possible centerpiece for her wedding looking like it was meant for a bar mitzvah. We now know it's Lily who drove the Jews out of the GG UES.