Thursday, April 24, 2008

La jalousie

How upset should I be that one of the style influences for the Gossip Girl costume designers is one of my honest-to-goodness former classmates from my Upper East Side girls' school days? Because two things are upsetting here, really. One is that I want TV to be make-believe, but the other is that this was just not a girl I imagined could become a socialite, and this was at a school with droves of girls who seemed destined to become one. By this I mean, why am I not a socialite? Not that I'd want to socialize every night of the week, so there's that. But I'm quite sure my all-silver ensemble (space-age dress and sparkly ballet flats) today was at least as fab as any pseudo-hippie headband.


Anonymous said...

It IS strange, given how many socialites are obsessed with Herzl.
Why, there's Bernard-Henri Levy, to name just one. Or is he just a male Francophilic Zionist? Not quite the same thing.

Phoebe said...

The Herzl-hagiography-on-loop that is my brain is only a small part of why I'm not a socialite. Other factors include: an inability to walk in heels; carrying a giant, heavy backpack rather than an "it" bag (which is probably what makes heels such a challenge...); and the tendency to incorporate many washed-out items from the GAP into my otherwise fabulous wardrobe.