Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Charming Man

I always think I've seen the worst, but the subway never ceases to amaze. Today, a man was sitting across from me--a thirty-ish, hipsterish Caucasian gentleman with a guitar--who spent much of the trip over the bridge doing what should require a nose-hair trimmer... manually. So, questions... 1) Who would think this was a good idea? 2) Especially on the subway? 3) Why was I not at all surprised when this man followed up his yanking with putting his fingers in his mouth, to bite his nails or who knows? Oh, and the final question has to be 4) What recreational drug makes this seem like a good idea, and can the War on Drugs be focussed exclusively on this one?

There oughta be a law. But how? How could one ban disgusting behavior on the subway, when it seems there are as many disgusting behaviors as there are subway riders. Or, it's just that you don't notice the people just sitting there, so the ones like the above-mentioned guy end up symbolizing subway riders generally.

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FLG said...

I did see somebody clipping their toe nails once on the DC metro. I am not sure what is worse. However, she was not eating her nails. In that case, it would have been a clear winner for me. But given that possible consumption of the bodily removals is present in your case, I have to give the slight edge to you. Or rather, the thirty-ish, hipsterish Caucasian gentleman with a guitar.