Monday, April 21, 2008

Local eats

It's a Passover miracle! There is now passable falafel within an, um, falafel's throw of my office. Not incredible falafel, but tasted all right. Plus--and this is the real test--it was an hour or so that I ate it and I have yet to fall ill. I had amazing, amazing falafel in Tel Aviv last May... which ended up setting back my Masters Exam preparation by a week. It could be that the better falafel tastes, the more likely it is to cause stomach illness.

In further culinary news, why must the Belgian Waffle Truck park itself in front of the NYU gym?

And, not about food but worth noting, this post captures my thoughts on Facebook Chat exactly.


Anonymous said...

So what? You never ate at the place on 8th Street, or the place on McDougal St? Or any of a half dozen halal stands within a few feet of NYU properties?

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Gosh, Anonymous, you seem annoyed... are you by any chance the owner of an NYU-area falaferia? As it happens, the place I'm mentioning was on 8th Street. I've been unimpressed by MacDougal Street falafel, but maybe not whichever one you have in mind. I'd be all in favor of stands, but my office has an on again, off again pest problem, so I do lean towards lunch options that include seating, especially until the weather gets warmer.