Monday, July 02, 2007

Uggs were once summerwear...

This is Day 2 of my new life as a bag lady. It's a temporary switch, and I'll be back to carrying at most one tiny Chanel quilted purse in no time. But today was more moving stuff on Brooklyn buses from the old place to the new. When it came to shoes, I had the brilliant idea that it would be more efficient to wear ballet flats when picking them up, then put on boots when bringing them to the new place, so as to take up less space. First run was in cowboy boots. A bit silly, but not so bad. The next trip, I put on what looked the bulkiest, a certain pair of neon-green snow boots. A note to those who might find themselves with a week between the start of their new lease and the arrival of their movers: if you stand on a street corner in NYC in July carrying Duane Reade bags filled with shoes, wearing neon-green snow boots, you will, guaranteed, run into at least one former classmate.

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