Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am so old!

Turning 24 means I am no longer 'college age.' It means I could have a kid (not that I'm about to!) without any chance of them turning my story into a cautionary Lifetime movie. And it appears there is no longer hope of me being a gymnast, ballerina, or math prodigy, or of ever exceeding 5'2" by more than a 1/4-inch margin of error. I am now too old for many clubs in NYC that I've probably never even seen. The final days of 23 witnessed a sudden increase in the number of people calling me "ma'am;" it will only get worse.

But before the Jewish Anti-Deprecation League intervenes, I should add that this past year was pretty fantastic.


Luiza said...

Hey Phoebe,
I read your article at The Jewish Quartely,
I googled your name and here I am.
My name is Luiza, I'm Brazilian, Portuguese and Jew, living in Portugal and "lost" between different cultures... I consider myself Zionist but realist. :)
I loved your article, specially the part about Birthright! I just came back last week from Israel and I completely agree with you.
See you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Phoebe. In time, or maybe right now, 24 will not seem so old. Believe me, though I still "feel" or rather "think" as if I were still in my 20s. I love your blog. Best regards, JM

Miss Worldwide said...

happy bday. Truuuuuuuuust me, the feeling is nothing compared to when you turn 30 and you're still not a gymnast, ballerina, famous film-maker, or the next Madonna....