Friday, July 06, 2007


The Great Move (down the street) of 2007 is officially over. The place is just a Herzl poster (thanks, Dave!) and a dining room table away from perfection. Final thoughts, re: moving:

1) It costs twice as much to live in Park Slope as it does to live in Hyde Park. And it is well worth it. Sort of. At least for the groceries. But is double the rent worth it for better cheese? (Yes.)

2) The real estate process was... fun. There will be a detailed post on this at some point.

3) Seems I have a couple of books and magazines about French Jews. My apartment is in fact The Park Slope Center for French-Jewish Studies.


gizhou said...


I came across your blogsite via the satorialist. I am doing a PhD on China (I live in Australia)and know a professor in France who might be able to help you and a someone in in Germany as well.

If you are interested please email me at I will then send you my private email adress.


gizhou said...


If you didn't get my lasy comment I know a professor in France that may be able to help you with your studies and a German lady who works in France. I am doing a PhD on Chinese politics in Australia.

I can be contacted on and from there I will send you my private email address.



ck said...

Glad to know I contributed to the new digs! Send my best to Herzl and have granita at ozzies and think of me.