Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News in brief

-Sarkozy, but not France, calls Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Sort of. Good for the Juifs? You decide, I'm still in the early-mid 20th century this week.

-The R train at night: bad idea. After the Bryant Park movie, Jo and I opted not to wait for the Q or any of the other infinitely more useful trains, and hopped on what was there, the R. It slowly made its way to Canal Street, then slowly headed a few yards further, and then... nothing. After a long stretch of this nothingness, an MTA worker came through to our car and asked us if we hadn't heard the announcement. Um, no. Turns out the last stop was Canal, then onto Queens. Nothing against Queens, but being there makes it almost impossible to get to Brooklyn. Thankfully we were allowed to exit at Canal Street, or else I'd be just waking up about now.

-My friends from high school, college, and grad school are now all friends with one another, and this is partly my responsibility, partly just how it is. Part of me thinks this is awesome, but part of me is frightened that my newer friends will learn incriminating things about me from the older ones, such as the exact number of Dave Matthews Band concerts I have attended. Which, come to think of it, is the most embarrassing thing they could find out. Luckily (?) at some point I lost count.

-A sign of impending (?) insanity: I became convinced that a man sitting near me in a coffee shop near NYU was a famous blogger--he looked familiar, and looked like a blogger--but did not know which one. Which distracted me slightly (just slightly) from Villiers' "Weird Science"-esque novel. Part of the insanity was due to the barista at this fine establishment accidentally making me a large mocha when I'd ordered a small one. To quote Woody Allen: "my body will not tolerate it." The barista, who was on the punkier side of hipster, had on a necklace that said "Filthy," which is not a quality one looks for in those in the food-preparation careers. Fingers crossed that this was ironic, or that it referred to activities in non-working hours.

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