Friday, July 20, 2007

Democrats and Republicains

Without insinuating that I believe 'it feels like 1939,' which I don't, is it possible to point out that there's something similar about the (Bill) Clinton years and the French Third Republic? The whole PC phenomenon could have been right out of the Third Republic's attempts to 'civilize' rural France. Also, both, despite their liberal reputations, maintained social conservatism whenever politically convenient--"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and no vote for women, respectively. Both were far more officially secular than times just before or just after. Both were good for the Jews. I know there are more similarities; as far as differences, I don't think Clinton colonized Tunisia, nor does the Lewinsky Affair have much in common with the Dreyfus one, origine juive notwithstanding.


Tangentially related, but I'm going to agree with Matthew Yglesias that Hillary Clinton is by no means too far to the left to be president of France. Sarkozy, in turn, would probably count as a Democrat.

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