Friday, November 03, 2006

Restaurant Hagiography: Nha Trang

It only makes egocentric sense that I should like a food whose name is the first three letters of my first name. But I had never before tried pho, since every time I get Vietnamese food, I make a point in ordering whichever dish promises to involve the most rice paper, which does kind of rule out noodle soup. But tonight at the fabulous Nha Trang, after deciding on a rice paper-having appetizer, I took a risk, following Katherine's lead and ordering pho. I got the "satay" beef pho, which didn't involve any skewers, but which was very tasty and I want to say suspiciously cheap. As in, a grad student (any grad student) could eat well at this place every night. The vegetarian summer roll, also fantastic.

Dinner was a while ago now, I'm still full, and yet am still pining for dishes I didn't have room to order. Let's just say I plan on doing a lot of back-and-forth between the French building and Chinatown from now on. A lot of rolling back and forth, most likely, but it's so worth it.


lauren said...

i love nha trang.
personally, my favorites there are the "barbequed beef appetizer" - little rolled up balls of grilled sesame wonderful beef over rice noodles
and "salt and pepper shrimp" - succulent shrimp that are crispy and come with onions and cilantro.

have you ever been to bahn mi saigon bakery? they have an amazing pork vietnamese sandwich (are you kosher? well they also have chicken and vegetarian) for 3.50

Susan said...

We used to work together...

Isn't Vietnamese cuisine amazing!

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