Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Product placement

My Dell's a sad animal, although using a different power cord helps. Today I very nearly got a MacBook, but indecision followed by confusion on the part of a credit card company have postponed this slightly. To compensate, I went to Joe, the coffee place near campus that I'd read in "Time Out" makes a great granita. But while Joe was still open, the granita machine was done for the day. To compensate for this failed attempt at compensation, I headed over to Citarella, the nearest gourmet food store, and bought a lot of completely unnecessary cheese. Insert obligatory "it's a hard life" comment here.

In other news from the vibrant area around West 4th Street, there's a sign up at the Barnes and Noble for Mireille Giuliano's latest oeuvre, French Women for All Seasons, which Will Baude criticizes but is more generous with than I imagine I'd be with the book if I were to read it. Seems Giuliano remains convinced that French women have the secret to thinness, and that this secret lies in their philosophy of eating, not in the fact that Paris is one big smoke-filled boutique where an American "zero" is the largest size available.


Dell Customer Advocate said...


My name is Todd and I'm a customer advocate at Dell's corporate headquarters. We saw your blog and I wanted to respond to you.

You stated that using a different power cord helps with your notebook. If you would like, please send me the service tag of your system and I will see about getting you a replacement power adapter if the one you have is failing. The service tag can be found on a sticker attached to the bottom of the notebook.

You can reach me by email at Customer_Advocate@Dell.com. Please include my first name (Todd) in the subject line of the message so it can quickly be routed through to me.

Thank you,


Customer Advocate
Dell, Inc.

Anonymous said...

If it helps, I just made the switch via MacBook Pro. I love it. Other than a few minor problems getting OpenOffice to work (all of which were explained on the internet bulletin boards), I haven't looked back.

It's worth making the switch. Seriously.