Tuesday, November 28, 2006

French grad students don't get fat

I'm an idiot. This week's French Studies luncheon--typically a scholar comes in to lecture after we all consume a sandwich or pizza lunch-- was instead a chocolate degustation (i.e. slivers of high quality chocolate paired with Evian, as versus, say, Twix and diet Coke), which meant that my not eating before heading to campus was, in retrospect, a poor decision. If there was ever a way to hover between laughing fit and sobs of agony, it's to listen to an hour and a half of description, in French, of the most fin and pur of all chocolates while on an empty stomach. The degustation helped a bit, but the chocolate lacked a certain, I don't know, quality of being a bowl of pasta. The chocolate, though quite tasty and by far more euros per unit than most things I've ever eaten, ended up making me lose my appetite.

I did what I could when pizza appeared after the IFS seminar this evening. But now, the stress of two impending explications de texte. along with finals, is preventing me from making whatever snack I'd make if all that was impending was, say, a "Will and Grace" followed by a "Frasier." For every kilo not gained by French women, three are not gained by those studying their literature, history, politics, and culture.


Clementine Gallot said...

hahahaha. that doesnt apply to me unfortunately.
I suspect it only works for rich old women (like the one who wrote the book Frnch women don't get fat).

Amy said...

stupid rich old women!

phoebe -- that chocolate tasting WAS ridiculous. i never knew i could explore such a universe of flavor.

Kaleberg said...

I believe that Brillat Savarin referred to that property you found lacking as "osmazone". Oysters, for example, lack osmazone, so it is possible to eat a fantastic number of them without feeling full in the slightest. (My reference is to his Physiology of Taste).