Sunday, October 08, 2006

The big night!

The thing about a five-year high school reunion, in the age of Facebook, is that it's not quite the surprise-filled event it might be if it were, say, a 20-year reunion in the pre-Internet age. Everyone who came out, got good-looking, or otherwise did something that could count as surprising since high school has already made that known to the rest of us. Plus, because five years really isn't that long, it basically felt as if there had been prom, then a week's vacation, then we returned to school and had another prom, but with fewer people and less voluminous hair.

As for the photos, I give the following disclaimers:

#1: My bangs are parted in the middle for reasons I do not understand, but proper blow-drying should fix that. Maybe.

#2: I do not yet "get" blush, and so look far more intoxicated in some of these photos than was in fact the case.

#3: Apparently people from high school read my blog, which I learned after enough people said they knew exactly what I've been up to, and so we could dispense with the usual pleasantries. This isn't exactly a disclaimer, I was just kind of surprised is all.

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