Sunday, October 01, 2006

"At a time when France was rife with discontent"

Now, on Channel 21/PBS, there is a show on about Marie Antoinette. I'd say if you're in the 19th Century class, this documentary just might count as useful. A voice-over Marie Antoinette is, at this very moment, discussing Louis's erections. We also learn that "[i]t had taken more than seven years, but 'the great work,' as Joseph called it, had been accomplished." Apparently this led to a national party involving "free sausages." I can't believe this is on television, but anything on PBS, with classical music playing in the background, half in a foreign language, with commentary from Simon Schama, is by definition respectable, so I'm not quite as embarrassed to be watching this as I might be otherwise. That, and this does directly relate to this week's reading, so again, perfectly respectable.

OK, now they're actually showing the pamphlets discussed in the readings. Seriously, turn on your TV right now.

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Clementine Gallot said...

I wish I had tv right now.
You should watch the movie Marie-Antoinette with kiki dunst and discuss it in class :) (although it's pretty a-historical)