Saturday, August 13, 2005

Deep thoughts, or why I could never be a food critic

I may never eat Japanese food again. I had some the other night that just really didn't do it for me, neither the rice nor the sashimi nor the seaweed salad nor the agedashi tofu. None of it. This is a shame, since I used to really like Japanese food, but is also a blessing, as much of it is expensive.

Of course, a couple weeks ago, I declared (to myself) that I was entirely off Middle Eastern food, falafel in particular, yet tonight I happily ate a falafel-and-eggplant sandwich at Chickpea. These things change.

In other important news:

-Emeril Lagasse reminds my mother of President Bush. I can see it, sort of. Both like things that go "Bam!," but the most damage Emeril's loud noises inflict is probably indigestion.

-Masha and Katherine were hanging out the other night and who did they see but Natalie Portman! Both Katherine and Masha confirmed the sighting. I was going to meet them that night, but that was the night of the mediocre Japanese food, so I was home, engaging in what the Israelis call "beten-gav," literally "stomach-back," but actually an expression meaning "lying around doing nothing." I use this expression in honor of Ms. Portman's nation of origin. But seriously, that actress is everywhere, a neat trick for someone so small.

-On the dachshundwatch front, here's a picture of what I believe is a dachshund puppy at the UChicago law library, from the University of Chicago Magazine's dogs-on-campus slideshow. As if I didn't already miss the U of C enough...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention natalie portman in your girl-crush post.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

She falls under the "girl-jealousy" category, mentioned in the earlier, "Amanda Peet" post. I'd rather be than have her, is the idea, but I'm really quite content with neither.