Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Franco-Israeli relations at their best

"Taïm means “tasty” in Hebrew, and the shop’s all-vegetarian output—courtesy of Israeli chef Einat Admony and her French husband (and Bouley veteran), Stefan Nafziger—lives up to its billing: unusual bite-size falafel in three flavors (cilantro-parsley-mint, roasted red pepper, and harissa; mushroom is in the works); fries served with saffron aïoli; deftly spiced salads of carrots, beets, and cabbage; and a date-lime-banana smoothie equally suitable for the Arabian desert or New York in August."--New York Magazine online.

I'm so there.


Anonymous said...

i want to come! this sounds so good.

btw (i can also tell you this in person or on the phone)
(1) i bought a philip roth book even though i couldnt remember which one you told me to get
(2) i'm happy you decided to live with katherine and anna! i'm sure things will come together


Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

You should come! Molly's also up for it. Not sure which day exactly...

Let me know what you think of Roth.