Thursday, August 18, 2005

En Vogue

Saul Bellow is kinda-sorta the inspiration for the new Men's Vogue? Oh dear. God only knows which glossy magazines were inspired by Philip Roth, or which writer (Nabokov?) might have been the inspiration for Teen Vogue.


Anonymous said...


Mr. Fielden, as many know, has an affinity for Saul Bellow, and he keeps on his desk a clipping of an obituary noting that that Nobel Prize-winner had flair and curiosity. "He's by no means the inspiration for this magazine," Mr. Fielden said, "but he's an iconic figure that lived a certain way, which is inspirational. And I think we all need a figure like that in our lives. And if a magazine can somehow reduce that into its pages, then that's something that can be compelling.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

"He's not the inspiration, but..."

The "but" is crucial.

Anonymous said...

Bellow or not, the real "inspiration" for Men's Vogue would be the foreign editions of the same magazine, published by Conde Nast. I don't know why Horyn left out Uomo Vogue, Vogue Hommes, Brazilian men's Vogue, which have been around for years.

Maureen said...

The real question is when there will be a women's magazine "inspired by" a great author, which I (shameless plug) expand upon.

Anonymous said...

This could be a fun game.

New Yorker Woody Allen
Field & Stream Jeff Davis
People Ana Marie Cox

and, of course
Bike Overend/Lemond
Bicycling John Kerry

Anonymous said...

The New Yorker pre-dates Woody Allen so isn't analogous to the Men's Vogue/Bellow connection.

Anonymous said...

Travel and Leisure George W. Bush
-- JM

Anonymous said...

But Travel & Leisure came before Bush, so he couldn't have been its inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist a knock at Bush regardless of chronology. And in the spirit of non-partisan mockery:

Cigar Aficionado Bill Clinton -- JM