Monday, August 29, 2005

My 15 minutes of near-fame

A week or so ago, the "Today Show" contacted me, via email and then via phone, and asked me if I wanted to be on a segment about "girl crushes." They'd apparently read my post on the phenomenon and wanted me to appear on the show and provide a young, non-VH1 perspective on straight girls who like girls. Well, I'd almost forgotten about this, but I just emailed the producer to see what was happening, and lo and behold I see that the segment has already aired. I think the producer was put off when I told her I'd never been on television before. She asked, and I suppose I should have mentioned my appearance in a movie by "Beauty and the Geek"'s Joe Hanson, but I wasn't thinking nearly that quickly, so I gave a lame, lame answer: "No." She assured me that my television inexperience didn't matter, but I could tell that it was at that point in the conversation that interest was lost.

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