Saturday, August 27, 2005

Overheard by my mother, on the crosstown bus:

Woman, speaking loudly into her cellphone: "What time is happy hour?" Pause. "And what do you look like?"

OK, so maybe my pro-cellphone-on-public-transportation stance should change. Yet maybe it shouldn't. I love overhearing things like this while on the bus. I mean, sometimes I remember to have a really captivating book, but other times--and especially now, since running in the rain and thus ruining my discman--other people's chatter is all I've got in the way of entertainment.


Scott Lemieux said...

Riding the subway without a Discman? I don't even want to contemplate such a horrible thing.

Anonymous said...

It can be pretty entertaining, too. Someone hit on the bright idea of collecting everyone's oddest such overheard conversations (everyone meaning everyone in the NY area, anyway) at, which is often a fair amount of fun.