Friday, August 05, 2005

More blueberry muffins

This batch was different in the following ways:

1) Larger muffins, but fewer of them.
2) Less butter in the muffins, but a better-greased muffin tin.
3) Cooked through.

Seinfeld misleads: the most important part of the muffin isn't the muffin top, but rather the crunchy sugar on the muffin top. Forget this, and you can forget about muffins.

The next project will be pumpkin muffins. These do not require sugar sprinkled on top, thus contradicting my assertion above. Nor, I should add, do they require frosting or pumpkin seeds, and are, in my opinion, better off without them. The pumkpin muffins I aspire to create would resemble the ones distributed by the Corner Bakery and sold at the Smart Museum coffee shop. These muffins were totally identical to the banana-nut muffins sold at the same place, so only tasting them (or opening them up, which can only, of course, be done upon purchase) could reveal whether a muffin was a delicious pumpkin or a vile banana-nut. In any case, now that I am no longer dependent on a nearby art museum for muffins, it's time to take matters into my own hands.

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