Thursday, July 07, 2005

To do:

1) Learn to drive.

2) Keep up my French, improve my Hebrew,* and learn some Japanese; failing that, eat croissants, falafel, and sushi. (And no, not all at the same meal.)

3) Find the espadrilles of my dreams.

4) See that movie with John Cusack and the fluffy dog.

5) Finish reading La France Juive.

*So far, my attempts at improving my Hebrew have included watching "Walk on Water," chatting with the cashier at Holyland Market about what kind of chocolate I was looking for, and an ill-fated attempt at listening in on a conversation some Israeli men were having a couple of tables away at a Vietnamese restaurant. Why ill-fated? Because my attempt at subtle eavesdropping led to not-so-subtle beckoning nods from one of the men at that table. After a millisecond of weighing the pros (chance to practice Hebrew) with the cons (uh...), that language-enhancing possibility was cut short before it had even begun.

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